Top 10 reasons you should invest in a T.I.R Franchise

Terra International Realty LTD. professionals are among the most experienced in the industry. That's one of the main reasons Terra International Realty LTD. Broker/Owners enjoy high-quality reputations.

It's a reputation that is well-deserved - and well-earned. At Terra International Realty LTD., top performers work alongside other top performers, reflecting the adage that you play better golf when you play with better golfers.

It's no wonder that in many circles, the name "Terra International Realty LTD." is synonymous with success.

At Terra International Realty LTD., our first priority is you. Your goals become our goals. We work hard to offer you the support and services you need to remain a leader in the real estate community.

Reason No. 1: Power of the Terra International Realty LTD. Name

When You Get the Facts...It's Terra International Realty LTD®

The day you join Terra International Realty LTD., everybody knows your name. Terra International Realty LTD. is the number 1 real estate organization in Canada. Your sales associates, customers and prospects know who we are.

The Terra International Realty LTD. red-over-white-over-blue yard sign, the trademarked hot-air balloon symbol, the registered slogans - they're all yours when you become part of the Terra International Realty LTD. family.

Terra International Realty LTD. is synonymous with quality, integrity, professionalism and experience.

Through its extensive national advertising, worldwide sponsorship of major sports events and the collective power of marketing by thousands of Affiliates, Terra International Realty LTD. has become one of the best-known names in the world - and one of the most respected, too. It's a fact: Buyers and Sellers flock to Terra International Realty LTD..

Imagine your own office with the name Terra International Realty LTD. on it. There's no better combination.

Reason No. 2: Worldwide Real Estate Leader

Premier Market Presence®
Since 1997, Terra International Realty LTD. has been able to boast that nobody in the world sells more real estate.

Entrepreneur magazine has ranked Terra International Realty LTD. as the real estate industry's best franchise for eight of the last nine years. In 2007, Terra International Realty LTD. was ranked as the fifth best franchise organization overall.

And Entrepreneur isn't alone. Many other publications have rated Terra International Realty LTD. "Out in Front®" of the competition.

If you've ever wondered whether a Terra International Realty LTD. franchise is right for you, listen to the experts.

Reason No. 3: Technological Edge

Main Street. Not Wall Street.®

Since its inception, Terra International Realty LTD. has been at the forefront of technology. The lead-generation and management system, known as LeadStreet, produces thousands of leads per month for Terra International Realty LTD. Associates - all with no referral fees charged by Terra International Realty LTD. International.

The Terra International Realty LTD. Mainstreet extranet is an online community through which Associates can exchange ideas, download logos, forms, listing presentations and get the latest industry news, all at no cost. They can also send and receive referrals online.

Through the Terra International Realty LTD. Design Center, associates have access to more than a thousand high-quality, professional-looking marketing materials that can be downloaded, customized and presented to their clients and potential clients.

Reason No. 4: Networking and Referrals

Terra International Realty LTD. has over 6000 sales associates in Western Canada, over 18,000 in Canada. Referrals that may otherwise be going to a competitor would be directed to your office. It comes down to the numbers of agents and the market share they command – about 35% in Western Canada. At our Terra International Realty LTD. of Western Canada Annual Conference we have hundreds of sales associates in attendance. That is a tremendous networking opportunity for your current sales associates and potential recruits to tap into.

Terra International Realty LTD. Affiliates refer their clients directly - agent-to-agent, with no middleman adding additional cost - to over 100,000 Sales Associates in more than 7,000 offices in over 65 countries.

Terra International Realty LTD. referrals flow from one experienced agent directly to another based on criteria they select themselves. The referral experience is facilitated by the online referral roster, which features automated forms and online referral transmission.

Reason No. 5: On-Demand Education

Take a Step Above the Crowd®
Terra International Realty LTD. University, the network's comprehensive multimedia training program, provides the industry's best education. Terra International Realty LTD. Associates can choose the medium that best suits them - online, broadcast or classroom.

Terra International Realty LTD. is the only real estate organization with its own satellite television network. The Terra International Realty LTD. Satellite Network (RSN), established in 1994, broadcasts 60 hours of educational programming monthly and also provides online streaming videos.

More than 25,000 associates have completed courses leading to professional designations such as ABR and CCIM. Also, more than 6,000 have completed “Brian Buffini’s 100 Days to Greatness – Terra International Realty LTD. edition, which airs monthly. This program helps agents boost their productivity and gives you the leverage and tools to recruit new licensees. And through the Terra International Realty LTD. Profitable Broker Program, Broker/Owners can become "100 Days to Greatness" Certified Mentors.

Now Introducinga Terra International Realty LTD. exclusive program from Buffini & Co. "The Ultimate Agent". This program takes the basics from "100 Days to Greatness" and expands further to the $1000,000/yr sales associates to the $500,000/yr sales associates.

The Coaching Hall of Fame” series features top trainers including Richard Robbins, Brian Buffini, Judy LaDeur and Howard Brinton.

Management Training On Demand offers resources devoted to recruiting and retention, office management, profitability and more.

Through the Agent Training On Demand feature, Associates can absorb training from the best agents and coaches in the real estate industry on their computers or their iPods.

Reason No. 6: National Advertising

Right now, someone somewhere is watching a Terra International Realty LTD. TV commercial or reading a Terra International Realty LTD. print advertisement. We do more than 4 times the TV advertising of Century21 and Royal LePage combined. Our print ads are in all the major home magazines. Your sales associates capitalize on the top-of-mind awareness.

Award-winning Terra International Realty LTD. advertising helps Terra International Realty LTD. Broker/Owners recruit Sales Associates, while helping Sales Associates gain listings and sell homes.

It's a win-win situation.

Terra International Realty LTD. has 57% percent share of voice in Canada - consumers turn to us for their real estate information. That person just might be your next client or recruit.

Reason No. 7: Recruiting Support

The Hometown Experts With a World of Experience®
The Terra International Realty LTD. brand, market share and advertising give you a better opportunity for recruiting experienced sales associates and prospects new to the industry.

Terra International Realty LTD. Broker/Owners have a comprehensive set of tools to help them recruit quality agents. Start with an online site devoted exclusively to recruiting . Filled with testimonials and information about the network's benefits, it serves as the perfect introduction to Terra International Realty LTD.. You can send your prospects to the site before you meet with them, giving them a strong knowledge of the benefits and services Terra International Realty LTD. has to offer.

Additionally, the multimedia Terra International Realty LTD. Recruiting Kit provided to every Broker/Owner includes recruiting brochures, videos and much more, all designed to help you attract Sales Associates.

Reason No. 8: In Business for Yourself, But Not by Yourself

Home of the Best Agents®
The Terra International Realty LTD. organization was created by top real estate professionals for top real estate professionals. We know what it takes to be successful, and that knowledge has brought the network more than 100,000 sales associates.

There's no greater feeling than building your own business. And with the Terra International Realty LTD. name working for you worldwide every day, you have every opportunity to rise to heights you may never before have dreamed of.

If you have a dream of building your own successful real estate company using the best system and support services in the industry, you owe it to yourself to look closely at Terra International Realty LTD..

Reason No. 9: Franchise Support

Terra International Realty LTD. of Western Canada has staff experienced in owning and operating Terra International Realty LTD. franchises and assist you in all facets of your real estate business. Our annual Broker/Owner Retreats provide you with the opportunity to network and consult with some of the top broker/owners in Western Canada on issues such as recruiting, retention and profitability.

Our Sales Associate Orientation program (SAO) gives your new recruits all the information on Terra International Realty LTD.’s programs and services. Information on training, business planning, awards and recognition, conferences, rallies, retreats, technology, trademark and graphic standards, referrals, community care programs etc.

Not all national real estate networks are the same. None of them measures up to Terra International Realty LTD. when it comes to the services and support you need to be successful.

As a franchise owner, recruiting and retention is the lifeblood of your business. Having the tools and support to stay ahead of the competition goes a long way toward succeeding in your goals. Access to online and live education, the support of fellow franchise owners and detailed information on improving your bottom line are all benefits of Terra International Realty LTD. Affiliation.

At Terra International Realty LTD., you are our customer. We believe your success is our success. That's why we are there for you when you need us.

Reason No. 10: Because You Still Can!

Take a Step Above the Crowd®
There has never been a better time to join Terra International Realty LTD.. Despite remarkable growth across Canada and around the world, there are still select Terra International Realty LTD. franchise opportunities available in your area.

That's good news, if you act soon. Terra International Realty LTD. offers you the chance to build your own business in your own community, like thousands of entrepreneurs just like you. The only mistake you can make is not joining soon enough.

Make the next step in your career the best one you've ever made. Let Terra International Realty LTD. help you achieve your dreams.